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  1. NASA's cube spacecraft captures first global picture of ice clouds

    An experimental small satellite captured the first global picture of small frozen particles inside ice clouds, the United States space agency NASA said on Tuesday. IceCube, a satellite deployed from...
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    FDA approves biosimilar to treat anemia

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved on Tuesday a biosimilar to epoetin alfa (Epogen or Procrit) for the treatment of anemia caused by chronic kidney disease, chemotherapy, or use of...
  3. 1st WHO list of diagnostic tests unveiled to boost diagnosis accuracy

    The World Health Organization (WHO) published Tuesday its first catalogue of tests needed to diagnose the most common health conditions as well as a number of priority diseases to improve diagnosis...
  4. Spotlight: One in every 8 Indian suffers from high blood pressure: gov't study

    One in every eight Indian above 30 years of age is suffering from high blood pressure, a government study has revealed. The Indian Health Ministry study has based its findings on a screening of 22.5...
  5. WHO calls for end to use of industrially-produced trans-fatty acids by 2023

    The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday called for elimination of industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from the global food supply by 2023, which is estimated to cause more than 500,000...
  6. New pig virus potential threat to humans: study

    A recently identified pig virus can readily find its way into laboratory-cultured cells of people and other species, a discovery that raises concerns about the potential for outbreaks that threaten...
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