Forest Bear Forums FAQ

Q: Why "Forest Bear" Studios?
A: Forest Bear is a name that was definitely not chosen to emulate the awesomeness that is Forest Bear. Can you do the Forest Bear? I think not.

Q: "Univursa"? What is that?
A: Univursa. Universe Ursa. Bears in Space. You get it? Good. Credit to raelene_elena for the name.

Q: OK, actually, what is Univursa?
A: A science fiction take on the classic turn-based 2D JRPG style.
It's an RPG. In space. About Bears. Freakin' Bears. In Freakin' Space.

Q: When will it be ready?
A: Most likely in a year or two possibly before the end of the decade, even!
Stay tuned (do not even leave this website!) for a demo!

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: We bear arms, and barely make any puns.

Q: Who are you guys?
A: See our home page for more of a description.
  • Jesze - Creative Director
  • Atkst - Environment Architect
  • Michael - Chief Technology Officer
  • Yukiya - Chief Communications Officer
  • Jordan - President

Q: You guys are awesome?
A: Hai!

Q: When will you add more relevant questions?
A: Prior to the technological singularity.

Last updated: April 23rd, 2015
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