The gloomy news is that air quality around the globe is bad and getting worse.

Buffalo residents are finally getting used to clean air after decades of choking emissions from steel Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, chemical and other heavy-industry discharges. But we don't know much about toxics in the air because Big Brother in Washington doesn't do much monitoring.

A new report from the United Nations -- a report generally ignored in the nation's press -- indicates that most of the globe's 1 Discount Cigarettes Online.8 million urban dwellers breathe air of unacceptable quality Types Of Marlboro Cigarettes.

Then there is the report by the World Resources Institute that air pollution is contributing to the "decline and ultimate death of forests and to widespread crop losses across the United States."

The air quality is better in Western New York despite the continued blight of smoke emitted by the coke ovens at the Bethlehem Steel Corp. plant. State officials have tried to come to grips with the coke-oven problem for three decades, but it continues to elude them. However, disclosure that the company plans to invest $45 million in the Lackawanna plant along with reports that air-quality negotiations are continuing may indicate a breakthrough. It can't come any too soon for waterfront redevelopment.

One source said it's down to a make-or-break situation, either the company cleans up or closes down and the dollars seem to indicate that Bethlehem will install better air-pollution controls.

But the concerns voiced by the United Nations and the World Resources Institute must also concern Western New Yorkers because, for the first time, there are indications of global-scale problems.

Acid rain, ozone and the greenhouse effect will ultimately impacton the re-gion, the nation and the planet. When the act was first passed, the federal environmental agency looked at half a dozen pollutants Price For Newport Cigarettes, set standards and let it go at that.

That lack of action, by the way, is an interesting matter to pose to area congressmen and senators seeking reelection.

The art of detection has become far more sophisticated and it's possible to pick up minute quantities of a range of toxic gases; yet EPA Wholesale Newport Cartons, during the Reagan years, hasn't lifted a finger to set standards on such things as airborne dioxin. As with so many other aspects of its work, from pesticides to other pollutants, the agency is light years behind in assessing risks and setting standards.

World-wide air quality is another matter. said there are an estimated 180 million tons of sulfur shot into the air every year plus 100 million tons of dust and smoke emitted. Then it adds:

"Continuous exposure, especially of children, to the two pollutants can result in acute or chronic respiratory problems."

Dr. Forest Service says that it's not "one factor that's causing maples to die back, it's a whole range of stress factors." Just as algae clogged beaches and dead fish provided the warning signals for the decline of Lake Erie two decades ago, the dieback of trees is another signal of man's abuse of the environment and disregard of ecology.

Like miners who carried a canary into the mines to warn of lethal, but invisible gases, the trees provide early warning of global problems. The question is whether we will heed the signals.

State environmental officials are reeling at the disclosure that a downstate colleague has admitted taking bribes in her role as inspector at a landfill.

"We are deeply saddened that an official in DEC's New Paltz office had pled guilty to a charge of federal income-tax evasion, a felony," declared State Environmental Commissioner Thomas C. Jorling. "There is no question that the vast majority of public servants in New York State and in DEC are motivated by . . . serving the public interest. . . . There may be a few whose motivation lies elsewhere."

In the western area, where the department has inspectors at toxic waste and other landfills, there is gloom as employees feel they are under a cloud. Jorling has ordered investigations and oversight.

DEC like EPA was born more out of Earth Day enthusiasm than bureaucratic wars and has a high employee morale. A hard core of EPA employees even survived the Reagan appointment of Ann Gorsuch Burford and Rita Lavalle who left in disgrace. It's been refreshing to cover the agencies and it's sad to see those people put into the same barrel as a rotten apple.
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