On January 12, 2011 the White-Rodgers Programmable Digital Thermostats (Model 1F88 and Model 1F85RF) has seen a Joint Recall with White-Rodgers, Health Canada, and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC).

The recall involves White-Rodgers programmable digital thermostats with model number 1F85RF-27x or 1F88-xxx (where each x is a number), and date codes beginning with 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 and 1001 through 1039.

The model number can be found on the thermostat's front pull-down panel. The date code is located inside the removable front cover. "White-Rodgers" and/or the utility company's name and logo are printed on the front of the thermostat.

The Model 1F88-xxx thermostats are able to be controlled by utility companies in homes that took part in a utility's energy demand reduction program.

The concern is that the batteries in the recalled thermostats can leak and short the circuit Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, posing a risk of overheating, smoke, flame, or fire Discount Cigarettes Online. Failure of the thermostat can result in the furnace shutting off, which can pose a risk of property damage Types Of Marlboro Cigarettes.

At time of the recall neither Health Canada nor White-Rodgers has received any reports of injuries. In the United States, White-Rodgers is aware of three instances of minor property damage.

You should immediately remove the batteries from the recalled thermostats but are advised against disconnecting or removing the unit. You are asked to contact White-Rodgers to receive a repair kit and a new owner's manual Price For Newport Cigarettes.

Be aware that in a small number of cases, removal of battery may cause the furnace to shut off Wholesale Newport Cartons. If the furnace stops functioning after removal of the batteries, you should replace the batteries in the thermostat and contact White-Rodgers toll-free at 1-888-624-1901 to schedule service. In the event of a furnace shutting off, consumers may also contact their utility providers.

If you want more information, you may visit White Rodgers' website or their utility company's website:

Approximately 8,300 of the recalled 1F88 thermostats have been distributed to consumers primarily through seven utility companies in Ontario. Less than 1,000 1F85RF thermostats have been distributed by heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies.
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