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    I gotta give many Youtubers credit where it is due.
    I like Youtubers because of all the effort that they put into their work.
    Everything is self promoted with a real "Go Get Em" attitude.
    Honestly, just thinking about the amount of work and effort some people put into these things makes me tired.
    Seriously, all the face to face and random comments that they try and get around to... Who has time for that?
    Youtube isn't a 9-5 Job. It is quite flexible, but at the same time, you make money 24-7 so why wouldn't you make your work the best you can make it.
    Self Employment is tough. And for those that are able to continue to do what they enjoy to do along with all their hardships deserves some respect.

    That said, I seriously wish some of them would also get their asses in gear and release the next god damn video regardless of the hardships and difficulties they go through to bring us their Grade A videos (Looking at you TFS. I want some more DBZ Abridged).

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    yes in our India many YouTuber are getting famous just by uploading original video and spreading their talent

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