In the quiet morning, the sky was slightly blue, and a red light appeared in the east of the sky. That is the figure of the sun. Not a moment later, a gigantic fireball appeared on the eastern horizon.

In summer, the sun shines. People who travel have felt unusually hot. People do not dare to look directly at the sky and only see the bright and shining piece of earth. This day is really scary! The suet road was baked by the sun and stepped on softly. The people's hair seemed to be lit, and they were hot to the touch Online Cigarettes. The puppy spits out his tongue too hot Wholesale Cigarettes. It seems to be saying: "You are too toxic to the sun, let alone the small animals!" The grandfather and the grandmother came to the shade of the big tree to cool, and they kept shaking their fans. However, even so, they can't escape the light and heat of the sun. As the fan dances, it's not the breeze that comes with the fans. It's the heat wave.

I do not know when, the sun may feel tired, ready to rest for a while. Suddenly, when the sky was dark Cigarettes Online, the sun did not know where to hide. At the time when the black clouds were rolling, people knew that the summer rain was coming and it was not enough. As a result, people hurried home.

Suddenly, the large raindrops on the bean accompanied the wind and hit the window Carton Of Marlboro Reds. The wind took the rainy stars, the east one, and the western ones chaos...

The rain came eagerly and went quickly Carton Of Cigarettes. After a while, the rain stopped. The sun set aside clouds and fog, everything became so fresh, fresh air, fresh fragrance of soil, you will feel the new world after the rain, making people feel more cordial and comfortable.

Rain, how beautiful! The beauty is not empty, it has allowed the creatures on the earth to get a long absence. This summer rain! How do you let me praise you?