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Melissa Teles : A must CD if you loved this music. I grew up with these songs.
Ricky Madera : This was a reorder of a product that I particularly like. I'm impressed with the price, the fit and the quality.
Irina Bulava : In the early days of World War II, three brothers went off to fight the Japanese. Benny served aboard the USS Enterprise, Bill worked in FDR's Map Room in the White House, and Barton, the youngest, was a supply officer in the Philippines. Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Barton was wounded and captured by the Japanese. In "The Jersey Brothers", Sally Mott Freeman, daughter of Bill, describes the tireless efforts of Benny and Bill to find their younger brother.
Sally Mott Davidson has written a masterful book. Not only does she describe Barton's struggles as a POW, she also includes a fine narrative about each battle of the Pacific war, including Midway, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. Also included are many letters written by Barton's mother as well as letters written by Barton's fellow POWs. "The Jersey Boys" is a fine work of World War II history. Highly recommended.

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