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    Halodoom COS Beta

    BETA 1.0 Download Links - Released January 2nd, 2012

    This game requires Skulltag and a primary IWAD, such as Freedoom or Doom 2, to play.
    The full version below includes a 'run_halodoom' script for Windows XP/Vista/7.

    Note: If you have any issues with the models not loading, or any graphics issues at all for that matter, just let me know with a reply to this, odds are I have dealt with the problem before.

    .pk3 Links
    Primary Mirror
    Secondary Mirror
    Tertiary Mirror

    Full Program Links (Includes Skulltag and Freedoom)
    Primary Mirror
    Secondary Mirror
    Tertiary Mirror

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    Please Help! is this really a mod, because everytime i use this with doom 2 and skulltag, it doesnt load the characters.

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