Before the match against Morocco, Spain was in a good situation and a draw was enough to guarantee the qualifying. But with the high morale of the Matador Corps, how can a draw be sufficient? To nike air max 90 damen attack! To win!

However, what really made the difference was that Spain really only got a draw. Even more embarrassing for them was that in the face of Morocco, which had lost both goals in the previous two games, Spain had actually fallen behind twice. The controversial suspected offside ball has equalized the score.

Throughout the game, the biggest problem in Spain is defense. The first missed ball appeared in the opening 14th minute. Ramos sent a short pass to Iniesta in the backcourt. Iniesta brought the ball back to the collar. Ramos leaned forward and both had a short circuit at the same time. Nesta believes that Ramos wants to get the ball. Ramos thinks Iniesta wants to continue with the ball. In the moment of Real Madrid captain and former Barcelona captain blasphemy, Butayeb adidas schuhe damen sale scored a goal and drove straight, single-handedly broke the ball. !

This mismatch between Spain's two cores is really ridiculous, and losing the ball early has forced Spain to speed up, to the extent that Moroccans are right. Spain's second loss of the ball is also a problem on the defensive. In the 81st minute, Morocco won a corner kick, and Nesseri Road leaped high, pressing Ramos header to break! How did Ramos beat Nesseri? The slow-motion playback showed that when the ball flew into the penalty area of ​​the Spanish team, Ramos did not notice that Nesseli was approaching from the back of the slant, and it was too late to wait until the time of discovery, and another Pepe midfielder was fundamental. There is no marking.

As the last line of defense, De Gea's performance is still not showing improvement. Prior to this game, De Gea was the goalkeeper with the most bleak data among the top 32 goalkeepers, not one. In the first scene against Portugal, Ronaldo scored three times and scored 3 goals. The second goal was a direct gift from De Gea's butterman. In the second game, he faced Iran and the opponent did not shoot. In 2 games, De Gea became the only goalkeeper in the top 32 goalkeeper to successfully save. Fortunately, in this game, he once blocked the single-pole success and broke the embarrassment of 0. However, Spain's first loss of the ball, Butaibou's shot from the goal between his two legs into the goal, but also made him a bit depressed.

In this World Cup, Spain lost three goals in three group matches and nearly six World Cup matches. Spain lost a total of 12 goals and lost 2 goals per game. How can such defense be reassuring?

In all fairness, Spain’s midfield performance was excellent against Moroccan matches, especially on the offensive end, where various smooth matches were picturesque, but on the defensive end, apart from Busquets’ role as an engineer, interception was carried out in the midfield. The starting midfielders Iniesta, Isco, David Silva and Tiago are all in the midfield and have limited defensive capabilities.
The wonderful offensive wins the game. The defensive ability can win the championship. This nike air max 95 damen has always been the law of the cup. In particular, a contest like the World Cup has a great chance. If there is no solid defense, every game is on thin ice, and how can we reach the end? , to compete for the Hercules Cup?

It seems that the lack of defense is the biggest goal that the air jordan 5 retro Spanish team exposed in this World Cup. Yelo must think of a solution. Otherwise, Spain's prospects at the World Cup will be difficult to be optimistic.