Despite playing well with Morocco, the Spanish team was able to qualify as the top team. Their opponents in the elimination match will be the host Russia.

In history, the Spanish team once played against the Russian team 6 times, and nike cortez damen Spain won unbeaten at 4 wins and 2 draws. In the arena of the world competition, Spain once played against Russia three times. In these three games, Spain has won.

In the European Cup Group Competition in 2004, Spain defeated Russia 1-0. In the 2008 European Cup, Spain and Russia played twice and Spain won 4-1 in the group stage. In the semifinal, Spain scored 3-0. Advanced.

However, for Spain, there is also a bad "curse", that is, they have never beaten the host in the world competition. They are Italy in the 1934 World Cup, Brazil in the 1950 World Cup, Italy in the European Cup in 1980, France in the European Cup in 1984, Germany in the European Cup in 1900, England in the European Cup in 1996, South Korea in the 2002 World Cup, and 2004. European Cup of Portugal.

I do not know this time in the face of Russia, Spain can nike air max 97 damen sale change the invincible curse of the host, can continue the undefeated record against Russia.