a metal setting. The circular hoop earring has a thin part which is also the means of securing the earring to your ear. They normally come in circular or semi circular shapes making them look very similar to nose rings. The extension on the back of the earring goes through the hole pierced in the ear and a stopper then secures the earring to the ear. Online men earrings stores have proved to be much cheaper than most department stores although one is never really sure of what he is buying until the package arrives. The size of the stud also indicates the size of the jewel on the earring and consequently the cost.At least now everybody appreciates the fact that earrings are no longer solely in the custody of the female folk. Well, there are all sorts of mens earrings designed from Sliding Gate Wheel the normally used jewellery materials including gold, platinum, titanium, brass, stainless steel, sterling silver and so forth. Men earrings have grown Nylon Rollers from small ear trinkets to what we now see among Hollywood celebrities, music icons, sportsmen and all others. Mens earrings go well with any type of wear, both casual or official dressing, and they also speak volumes about the sense of fashion the bearer of the earring has. With the stud earring for example, the size and shape of the stud matters. Solitaire stud earrings are the most popular of all men earrings. The internet has also been very helpful in marketing these earrings.
Most of us will agree that sterling silver men earrings are the hottest pieces of ear embellishments in the world. Although the term mens earrings is plural, most men prefer to wear earrings on one ear, either the left or right one. Sterling silver, platinum, titanium and gold are the metals normally used for the stud earring. This fact poses a risk but still there many trustworthy online stores from where to source mens earrings.

Men earrings are available in different styles the most popular types being hoop earrings, post earrings and solitaire stud earrings. For the hoop men earrings, size also varies but most men prefer a size that will closely engulf the earlobe.

Men earrings also vary in size and shape. Hoop earrings follow in popularity despite them being around since time immemorial. We normally have the round and square types but other shapes are also available.

Nowadays men earrings are not very hard to find. Platinum and titanium come in closely behind just beating gold; these are however individual opinions. Consequently, these earrings are purchased in singles and not in pairs.