The built-in flash produces a glare on the photo and makes your products look two-dimensional. Disable Satin Fabric Manufacturers your camera's built-in flash when taking a photo. You will save money and be able to use as many pictures as you need to adequately show eBay bidders your products.

You just need a digital camera that will produce a 640x480 pixel image (which includes just about all digital cameras on the market. ("Macro Focus" is usually indicated by a tulip flower symbol.)

Use a tripod when taking pictures of your product.Host your pictures on your own website. Review your camera's manual to understand your camera's "white balance" symbols ( i. Before you buy a camera, handle it to feel how comfortable it is in your hands. A plus number lightens the image, a minus number darkens it.It's a fact. You can preset the white balance to match the type of light you're using (daylight, shade, tungsten, fluorescent). Use your camera's "Macro Focus" feature to take close-ups of your product.Use photo-editing software to make final adjustments. When taking a photo for your eBay product, generally select the camera's smallest photo size. Use the "Exposure Control" (EV) to correct light and dark photos. It's simple, and yet 70 percent of eBay sellers don't do it. The tripod stabilizes your camera and eliminates blurry photos.

Adding high-quality product photos that enhance your eBay listings will greatly increase your sales. And each of these controls changes how the subject looks.

You don't need an expensive, high-resolution digital camera for your eBay photos.) You'll use the white balance control to get accurate colors. The camera should be able to focus within four inches or less. The key to effective product photography is lighting, and the key to effective lighting is control.

Take more than chiffon fabric satin fabric one photo of each item. Make sure the camera controls are logical, and that it's easy to transfer photos from the camera to your computer.

If you are going to crop the image or upload it to eBay's picture services, however, select at least a 1024 x 768 image size. For example, if you are selling clothing, take one full-length photo; one photo of the tag showing size, fabric, content, brand; and one or more close-up photos showing the texture of fabric and any details or flaws.

You can control the strength, size, position, color and number of lights you use.

Here are 12 simple tips that will help you make the most of your eBay product photos. Clear, high-quality photos will greatly enhance your chances of selling your products on eBay. Photograph your products at an angle. a light bulb for indoor shots with incandescent lights, a sun symbol for outdoor photos, etc.)