10000 very embellished blue dress, wonderful bright crystal shoes, this movie Cinderella, the classic fairy tale scene swarovski crystal sale uk real reproduction, the united states to the extreme. Driving this magnificent scene stalls a famous brand Swarovski.

Swarovski will be the world's leading crystal make, annual turnover of over 2 billion US money. After five generations, this ancient and balconies and an abundance company still maintains children portrait business approach, using the crystal production process for a trade secret from new release to generation, inheriting patents and wealth linked to crystal cutting. Now, Swarovski is becoming synonymous with crystal to some extent, and its mysterious crystal production recipe is becoming an important reason for swarovski accessories sale uk the continued dazzling Swarovski family.

Currently, Swarovski family members have above 150 people, of which 28 people from the company engaged in mature management, and by this six people constitute the particular company's top decision-making along with management. The Swarovski ravenscroft cutting craft secrets tend to be still closely guarded, and only the heir for the company has the right to know everything. Swarovski once again up-to-date its processing technology in the 1970s from its profitable deal while using apparel industry. Then Swarovski produced the HotFix new know-how, which allows the crystal to attach directly to the cloth and cut the zircon precisely for swarovski earrings sale uk better imitation diamonds.

Technology has always been to promote the professional progress and change, the rise of Swarovski also proceeds from the traditional crystal processing of electrification. If you interpret from this level, the fierce transformation on the five-generation chiefs is possibly not unreasonable. In 2014, Langes-Swarovski along with a dozen of his software teams flew to Silicon Valley to get a week-long field trip. They meet with Google and start-ups, including Diamond Foundry and San francisco, which are making synthetic diamonds. Swarovski family legendary history is definitely inseparable from swarovski pens uk sale the innovation of the phrase, and now hand in Silicon Valley may be the beginning of the following peak.