THE PROBLEMS associated with urban drift have been around since the Industrial Revolution began a few hundred years ago. There is nothing new about the phenomenon.

Most emigrants from rural areas travel to the cities looking for a better life. The central issue is not what to do with these people but how to retrain them to help themselves.

Most are unskilled and ill equipped for the work opportunities available in an increasingly complex and technological world. Also, the service industry requires completely different skills to those acquired in a rural farming economy.

Language and people skills, maths and computer skills, smart and clean clothing, and the rest, are essential to be able to aspire to a career in the service industry.

PNG rural people are hit by a double whammy. Their opportunity to acquire language Cheapest Cigarettes In The World, maths and computing skills is fast evaporating due to the atrophied PNG education system and the cost of higher education.

Any training that might be available, once rural people arrive in the towns and cities, is also financially out of reach. They are essentially stuck betwixt and between, and it's no wonder many turn to crime in order to survive.

The essence of dealing with the problem is to think laterally and not vertically. The service industry needs to combine with government funding and provide appropriate training courses for those who want to work.

The problem is always to ensure those who apply are not ripped off by charlatans who offer false training and hopes but actually provide nothing Newport Cigarettes Official Website.

I have no doubt that if Governor Parkop was able to gather Moresby's service industry leaders together and organise ethical training courses for genuine and guaranteed job opportunities they would be creating a win/win for many.

PNGeans from every corner of the country converge to the capital in search of jobs, schooling for their kids, better health and public utilities services they can get anywhere.

To them, Port Moresby and NCD is a promise to many nationals of a better life than the one they left behind back in their villages Price Of Marlboro Cigarettes, and or provincial towns.

Many originate from rural areas and come to Port Moresby seeking their fortune.

But they only end up disappointed in not finding employment and finding themselves stranded in Big Smoke with very few support systems in place.

These people eventually end up with friends or wantoks in newly set up shanty settlements in and around NCD.

The new arrivals go on illegally squatting on traditional Motu-Koita land. Land that has not yet being compensated for by the National Government since Independence days Buying Cigarettes Online.

This situation in Port Moresby and other urban centres in PNG has come about because there are no affordable housing available.

The government has no real answer yet to this growing phenomenon throughout the whole country.

In the capital, life for the average PNGeans has become one big daily continual struggle to make ends meet Newport Cigarettes Price.

Despite PNG booming economy, the constant rural-urban migration has become a growing national security threat throughout the whole country, with no end in sight.

This contributes to PNG level of abject poverty affecting the general masses.

Sadly, it is most unfortunate that many young displaced people are forced into a life of crime to survive in such harsh and uncaring enviroment as the capital city of PNG: Port Moresby.
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