An effort to expand Erie County's smoking ban, possibly to all public areas, started today when County Executive Joel A. Giambra announced plans to hold hearings on the idea.

The county executive launched his own effort after Democrats in the County Legislature proposed a ban on smoking in virtually all public places Cheapest Cigarettes In The World.

"At the time of its enactment, the Erie County Clean Air Act was the toughest anti-smoking legislation in the country," Giambra said at a morning news conference in the Rath Building. "But six years have passed, and it's now time to review and evaluate the law as it is presently written. The need for a public hearing is vital to this review process, and I am asking that public input be sought."

Sherry B. Rook, chairwoman of the Erie-Niagara Tobacco Free Coalition, attended the news conference and issued a statement saying, "With all of the positive changes being implemented or proposed in anti-tobacco legislation across the State of New York, it is imperative that the Erie County Legislature begin the task of evaluating the current legislation, while examining the changes in New York City and those being proposed in Nassau and Albany counties."

Under the Democratic proposal, county laws would go beyond the 1996 legislation that limited smoking to specific areas in public places such as restaurants Newport Cigarettes Official Website, bingo halls and bowling centers. The proposed law would prohibit smoking in most public buildings and areas.

"It has been medically proven that second-hand smoke is the cause of thousands of unnecessary health related problems and deaths every year," said Legislator Judith P. Fisher, D-Buffalo, a sponsor of the law. "Smokers make a conscious decision to expose themselves to the harmful carcinogens emitted through cigarettes. However, those around them should not have to pay the price Price Of Marlboro Cigarettes."

Giambra said he wants to hear from various groups, including bar and restaurant owners, anti-smoking activists and health experts.

But Democrats seem committed to a ban, though with the recent defection of Legislator Charles M. Swanick to the Republicans leaves them without the legislative clout to pass the law Buying Cigarettes Online. Still, they might attract Republican votes on such an emotional issue Newport Cigarettes Price.
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