Sampoly changed several players and changed the formation, but he did not change the team's image. Cavalero started, perhaps because he had better ball-handling ability than Almani, but Cavalero air max 95 mens had a serious mistake in the game and gave his opponent a big gift. Sam Poly has discharged three defender formations, which is more in line with his taste, but the team has no creativity. The Croatian team is characterized by its good play on the wing and its preference for wings. The Argentine team's 343 formation has been completely suppressed by opponents. Although opponents give space, Argentina's two sides do not go on the road. In the first game, Sanbaoli’s four-guard formation was also effective because the match was defensively defensive in Iceland and the situation in the two games was completely different. It can be said that the formation of San Baoli's two games was completely reversed. Messi almost disappeared in this game, and his morale was as low as that of an Argentine player. He was just mediocre. He could not find a clear horizon. Sampooli changed the player and he did not receive any results. The passing route passed by Argentina to Messi was cut off, and Barcelona's superstars passed even fewer games than their goalkeepers. Sampaoli also said after the game that he could not find a lineup that would make Messi feel comfortable. On the employment side, Sam Pouly also had problems. Enzo Perez, who won the chance in this game, missed a chance to score. If the ball can enter, the situation will be completely different. It is incomprehensible that Sam Poly is reusing Mesa. The balenciaga triple s all black player is not Messi's necessary partner. In the double forward system, he barely played a role and lost the ball many times, which brought great risks to the team. In addition, he missed several opportunities in the game.

At the substitution level, Sam Poly also had problems. Pavel and Barnega, who performed well in the first place on the bench, did not give this place any chance. In the case of the team lagging behind 0 to 1, Sanbao used Iguain to replace Aguero also caused controversy. The O'Leary newspaper stated that the replacement of San Baoli was reminiscent of Bielsa in 2002. At that time, Argentina had two big strikers Batistuta and Crespo, but the “crazy” thought that the two could not coexist. Can be on one person. I hope this time, Argentina will not be out of the group as it was in 2002.

“Sang Baoli, son-in-law!” The game is not yet over. Some Argentine fans came close to the coach's seat and squawked against Samuel. When the game was over, Sampoly quickly left the stadium. He felt shamelessly.