As a sharp knife in the front position of the trident, Aguero had almost no sense of presence. In the 54 minutes of his appearance, he had only touched the ball in the penalty zone - a shot nike air more uptempo womens without threat. In addition, Aguero is in an invisible state and it is difficult to see him in the live broadcast. Iguin, who replaced Aguero, is not much better. In addition to completing the inverted triangle back in the penalty zone in 64 minutes, the small smoke gun has disappeared from the court. In the 93 minutes of the total appearance of the two players, the sum of the number of touches in the penalty zone was only two, which is truly eye-popping.

No team is likely to rely on the ability of a single star to do whatever they want. Argentina has confirmed this. Several frontline superstars are the team's trump card in their respective clubs. They are the sharp weapon for the team to destroy the city, but when they reach the national team, their performance is very weak. Is it lack of capacity? Of course not, they wear a club shirt and they will scare their opponents. Argentinian strikers have too few supporters to get behind their teammates. It's hard to just rely on frontline players to penetrate the opponent's door.
Judging from the results of public opinion surveys, it is believed air max 97 yellow that the most responsible person is Sanbaoli. Sanbolli also said after the game that he was responsible for the team's failure and that the tactics he formulated failed to work and failed to find the best lineup with Messi. The Argentina’s “Ole newspaper” pointed out that Sampooli did not find a way to make this team rejuvenate. The team did not have a clear road map and did not give any positive things, whether it was football or psychological.
idfielder, third-rate guard, and incompetent goalkeeper! This is what the fans have been ridiculing. They did not expect to be more andalexander mcqueen basket more like real now! Argentina has an "enemy envy" striker, but in the final match with Croatia, Pampas eagle's two centers, Aguero and Higuain, were in the penalty zone for 93 minutes. The total number of touches is only 2 times - you read it correctly, only 2 times! A sharp attacker, who can't get the ball is also in vain. This is the current situation in Argentina.