Cricket has been around for centuries and while there is comprehensive safety equipment Anthony Davis Youth Jersey , unfortunately there have been several incidents which prove that maybe it isn’t enough.

Leg, chest, arm and thigh guards aim to protect cricketers from serious injury yet there are several cases of stress fractures and foot & ankle injuries which do occur. These ailments go hand in hand with the strenuous practice sessions and grueling match schedules. However, there are certain injuries which are not a result of the drill but of the nature of the game itself like head injuries on account of bodyline or short-pitched bowling.

Though cricket helmets have been around since the 1970s, there are several serious head injuries which occur as the helmets lack in several regards. Today’s helmets are made of lightweight materials such as titanium and carbon fiber which make them comfortable while offering safety through high density foam which absorbs the shock of a fast ball. Yet DeMarcus Cousins Youth Jersey , they aren’t always enough. There are several incidents where cricketers - batsmen, wicketkeepers and fielders have suffered career-ending and even life-threatening injuries on the field. Here are 5 players who suffered serious head and face injuries:

Phillip Hughes, 2014 – This South Australian cricketer was struck by a short-pitched delivery by South Wales’ fast bowler Sean Abbott. He was hit toward the top of his neck which is not protected by the helmet which resulted in him collapsing and eventually succumbing to his injury. Raman Lamba, 1998 – Former Indian opener died after being struck on the head while fielding at a mid-on in the Bangladesh Premier Cricket League. The injury caused a blood clot in his head which lead to brain death. Saba Karim, 2000 – This former Indian wicketkeeper suffered a serious eye injury when the ball delivered by Anil Kumble ricocheted off Bangladeshi player Habibul Bashar’s pad. The injury led to glaucoma which severely affected his eyesight forcing him into retirement at the age of 34. Mark Vermulen Solomon Hill Womens Jersey , 2004 – The 24 year old Zimbabwean suffered a depressed skull fracture from a bouncer by India’s Irfan Pathan. While Vermulen was wearing his cricket helmet, the ball wedged between the visor and peak of his helmet striking him above the right eye. Mark Boucher, 2012 - This former South Africa’s wicketkeeper was struck by a bail on his left eyeball. It was Imran Tahir’s delivery which flicked the bail causing loss of lens, iris and pupil in Mark’s left eye ending his cricketing career for good. While these were freak accidents, they stress on the use of good quality cricket helmets by trusted brands and always knowing the balls which one should let go. Some Facts About Website Design And Development Elmer Summers
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