STOCKHOLM, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- A naval ship has been found in southern Sweden some 400 years after it went missing, Swedish Television reported on Wednesday.

The Blekinge naval ship was the first to set sail from the Karlskrona naval base in southern Sweden in 1,682 and is considered to have marked the launch of Karlskrona's famed shipbuilding history.

With its 70 canons and 450-strong crew, Blekinge was used in the bombing of Copenhagen and King Karl the Twelfth's landing in Denmark in 1,700. Later, the ship fell into oblivion.

Last year, the Blekinge county in southern Sweden got hold of old maps of Karlskrona where the ship was clearly marked out.

Diving expeditions were carried out and it was confirmed that an old shipwreck was indeed buried in thick layers of sediment at the bottom of the sea.

Now, all evidence seem to point to it being the Blekinge warship and it seems it was deliberately sunk, with the intention of using it as a blockhouse.

The ship will likely not be salvaged, however.

"We don't quite know how much remains of the ship, but there is a theory that one deck is intact, " said marine biologist Petra Strakendal.

NAIROBI Kevin Love Jersey , April 6 (Xinhua) -- Kenyan police have arrested five suspects, among them three foreigners, in an ongoing anti-terror crackdown across the country following an Al-Shabaab attack on a university that have left 148 dead, officials said on Monday.

An police officer Kyrie Irving Jersey , who didn't give his name, said four men were arrested on Sunday night on the suspicion of planning a terror attack, while a Yemeni national is also among the arrests.

The four, a Spanish Cheap Kevin Love Jersey , a Ugandan and two Kenyans, were arrested at a mall as they were holding a meeting, he said.

"A couple who seated next to the suspects' table called police after they heard some of the four's conversation. The couple said they heard the four men discuss plans," the officer said.

"The two Kenyans say they have recently converted to Islam Cheap Kyrie Irving Jersey , while the Spanish claims he has been here since 2008," he said, adding the suspects have been handed to the anti-terrorism police unit for further questioning.

The officer said the Yemeni national is a language student who has been frequenting Kenya and Tanzania, and was arrested in the University of Nairobi's Lower Kabete campus hostels.

The arrest came as security has been tightened in several parts of the country Cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys , following the Al-Shabaab attack in northern Kenya.

Police have identified one of the attackers killed by security forces as the son of a chief in Mandera County. The local chief confirmed his son might have joined the Al-Shabaab militant group.

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