The protagonist of today's story, Alojz Abram, is a long-retired old man, 71 years old.

The father was born in Slovenia, adjacent to the Alps, and now lives in Mainz, Germany.

He started to get into the street fashion culture a year ago, and it has been out of control!
The reason why the father was exposed to the trend culture was due to his 20-year-old grandson Jannik Diefenbach. He learned a lot of trend knowledge in small fresh meat, and gradually became familiar with the major street brands of young people crazy.

As a professional photographer, the grandfather of Janrik is air max 98 supreme also a trend-loving player who loves shoes. All the cool and handsome photos of the old man are shot by himself, and the trend grandfather is gradually becoming familiar to everyone.
Among the many trend items, the most popular among the oldest is the variety of hats. The classic Supreme five-piece cap is naturally his favorite!
Then, whether it's Stussy's fisherman's hat, Ralph Lauren's old hat, or the anti-folding cold hat that kills the hand, it's all in full swing.
These two days of Instagram were screened by a grandfather's adidas Originals Hu NMD!

White Stance socks paired with the dazzling Hu NMD, both Old School and new! And the Grandpa is wearing a military camouflage adidas Originals jacket.
In addition to the wearing photos of Hu NMD + adidas Originals, there is also a pair of Supreme x Air Max 98 and Vans.

This set of photos is from photographer Jannik, and this grandfather model is his grandfather!
Yesterday, November 30th, the Beijing 798 Art Park ushered in a gathering of trend players and sneakers. The “One Day Shoes Limited Store” organized by 400ml Graffiti Group, DEAL Trend Shop and Influx SWAGDOG was held at the 400ml Graffiti Store.