Guidelines of the Forest Bear Forums

  • It is your responsibility to read and understand these guidelines before registering, posting or using the features of the forum.
  • Understand that almost every action you take on the forum will log your IP.
  • No criminal activity shall take place on this forum.
  • There shall be no flame wars or content hateful of another.
  • If you have a problem with a user, you can block them from contacting you. Please ignore their posts. If your problem is very serious and you believe you are the victim of hate crime, please contact a Moderator (Forebear) or Administrator (Alpha Bear).
  • Sending spam through PMs will result in the removal of your PM privileges.
  • The Moderators (Forebears) and Administrators (Alpha Bears) of these forums will discipline in an appropriate manner, and action will always be taken on a case by case basis. However, finding yourself permanently banned will not be too difficult if you try. We promise.
  • If you understand anything, understand this: We, Forest Bear Studios, are the masters of The Forest. What we say is law. This is our territory. We are the Alpha Bears. You are here by free will and if you don't like how we operate you may ask us politely to change, or you can leave. We probably won't miss you.

  • Posts are subject to a 20-character minimum requirement.
  • Posts are subject to a 45-second minimum flood wait period.
  • Posts must be relevant to the topic they are posted in.
  • Posts must not be criminal or hateful in nature.
  • Posts must not be overly obscene. Please adhere to a "PG-13" standard wherever possible.
    • This rule may not apply if the topic at hand is of a "mature" nature, but use your best judgment.
  • Avoid double posting as much as possible, unless you have something relevant to add to the topic after a few days have passed.
  • Necroposting (reviving of old threads) is permitted, given that you stay on topic.
  • Please use the forum built-in search function to determine if a topic already exists before you create a new one.
  • Common forum courtesies (i.e. How Not To Act Like a Doofus):
    • Quoting of images: Don't. Take the image out of the [IMG] tags.
    • Quote nesting: Try not to nest too many levels of quotes.
    • General quoting: Only quote the part of the post which you are replying to, not the entire text.
    • Proper quoting: Please use the Quote button on a post to apply the proper link to the post you are quoting, or learn how to use the "=" option of the Quote BBCode properly.
    • Altering quotes: Don't alter the text of somebody else and quote them on it. You may use "[sic]" and "[...]" etc.
    • Formatting: Use large size text only where appropriate. Please don't use colors which are extremely hard to read. Try not to change the format of your entire posts, the default is meant for high readability and BB Code should be used for organization and emphasis.
    • Excessive use of emoticons is irritating.
    • Check that your links work.
    • Proofread your posts. Try to utilize proper English, spelling, and grammar. Your fellow users will appreciate the effort.
    • Think before you post. Utilize the post "Preview" button. In general, "Don't Be A Doofus".

Avatars & Signatures
  • Avatars and signatures must not be obnoxious, adult, obscene, or hateful in nature.
  • Avatars and signatures must follow certain size guidelines:
    • Avatar size is restricted by the User Control Panel
    • Signature size is restricted to a total height (text and image) of 210px.
      • Images in signatures must not exceed the size of width: 600px by height: 200px.
  • .GIFs (Usergroup permitting) used in avatars and signatures must be of gentle animation, and should not cause users to experience seizures or be otherwise overly flashy, distracting or annoying.
  • Any attempt to circumvent these restrictions or a blatant (non-accidental) disregard for these guidelines will result in the permanent removal of your signature privileges.
  • The use of adult (or similarly obscene) images in your signature or avatar will result in a permanent ban of your user. To prevent this from accidentally occurring, please host your off-site images at a secure location which will not be compromised.

Forest Bear Studios reserves the right to modify, move, or remove any and all content you post on our forums.
These rules may change for any reason without notice.

Any questions? Sankyu.